Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Piggott Wedding Groom Prep: Hampton Inn - Altoona, Pennsylvania

Recently I was asked to pull some still frames from the Groom Prep footage of a wedding I shot in early July. You may recognize the men as they are Phil and his groomsmen, preparing for the Piggott-Dempsie Wedding of July 9, 2011. Phil and the guys got ready in a beautiful suite at the Hampton Inn in Altoona, PA. I put the photos up on Photobucket a few days ago for the couple to view, and I figured since I have them up on the internet, I might as well post the link here on the blog here for others to see. The photos actually came out a lot better than I expected considering they are coming from HDSLR video footage and depending on future projects and situations, I may offer this as an added bonus to couples.

You can check out the photos at the link below. Enjoy!
Piggott Wedding: Groom Prep Photos