Thursday, October 13, 2011

Roaring Spring Wedding Video - Adam & Haley - 9.10.11

Adam & Haley's wedding day was one of a kind. It poured down rain the entire week leading up to the wedding, including the rehearsal night. It had to have been the most rainfall in a one week span in Central Pennsylvania...ever.  Everyone thought for sure it would be raining on their wedding day and they even devised a backup plan for the ceremony.

But when morning came, the clouds were gone, the sun came out and the grass was dry. It was incredible....and very lucky for the bride and groom.

The whole day was absolutely beautiful and I couldn't have asked for a happier couple. They were such a thrill to film and it's these kinds of weddings that make me love what I do.

Good luck to Adam & Haley. It was a pleasure to share your wedding day with you.