Monday, April 23, 2012

Reese's 4th Birthday | April 14, 2012 | Altoona, Pennsylvania


Reese's 4th Birthday Party was everything a 4 year old country girl could ask for. There was a barn, horse riding, a cake shaped just like a horse, and of course all of her friends and family. Oh yes, and cake pops! How could I forget?

The rain held off for the most part on this mid April afternoon in Central Pennsylvania and that was a good thing considering that most of the action took place outside. Reese and her friends loved riding the pony; even her mom hopped on and took a ride.

After the food was served and the cake was cut, a pinata was ripped apart and the candy fell to the kids below. Judging by the excitement of the kids and the smiles on their faces, I believe that this party was a complete success!

We teamed up with Blink of an Eye Photography for this birthday party. Be sure to friend them on Facebook. Search Blink of an Eye Photography from Altoona, Pennsylvania. And don't forget to friend Altoona Video Production as well. Thanks to Reese, her friends, and her family for making our experience such a memorable one!