Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Rebecca & Caleb | Summer Wedding | Bedford, Pennsylvania

The first thing I noticed on Rebecca & Caleb's wedding day was their programs. On the front, it said, the celebration of love between a Backwoods Boy & a Fairytale Princess. These words were absolutely true and we found that out immediately when we started prep with the guys.

We started the day in the animal room of the church and I would be willing to be that this may be one of the only churches with such a room. The walls were painted like a forest and their were animals mounted everywhere. I was amazed. The guys were hanging out and eating some snacks as Caleb put on his tuxedo complete with a camouflage vest. His dad finished up the details with a shotgun shell flower.

Downstairs, the girls were finishing up makeup and putting on their dresses. Rebecca was so excited as she put on her dress and jewelry. Both her and her mother were lit up with happiness.

As the ceremony finished, we traveled to Old Bedford Village for the photo session. We had a blast working alongside Rachele of Rachele Lantz Photography and we shot some truly beautiful footage at this historic landmark.

The day finished up with a reception at The Hall at Kinton's Knob, a beautiful rustic venue above the Bedford Historical Society. A big thanks to Northeastern Entertainment for being wonderful hosts and providing the music for the night.

Congratulations to Rebecca & Caleb and both of their families. Best wishes to you both as you begin your journey together! Enjoy! 

Rachele Lantz Photography

Northeastern Entertainment

Altoona Video Production